Colorado Springs private hard money loans and real estate partnering. We specialize in short-term fix and flip loans, bridge loans, and commercial loans.
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Real Estate Finance and Hard Money Loans
Real Estate Finance and Hard Money Loans

Let us finance your dreams
We offer creative financing solutions for investors, homeowners, entrepreneurs and business owners.

First Advantage Capital offers specialized financing such as hard money loans, fix and flip loans, bridge loans, cross collateral loans, home equity loans, commercial loans, acquisition loans, and construction loans.

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Real Estate Consulting
Real Estate Consulting

We can assist beginning real estate investors with locating, researching and structuring deals.

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In foreclosure?

We help homeowners navigate the process and develop creative solutions. We can help you find the best options that are right for your situation.

We also offer credit repair and consulting services to help you get back on track. We've seen it all and we're here to help.

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   Opportunity is Knocking...
  Let us help you answer the door. Here are just a few of the private lender loan programs we offer:
Hard Money Loans
Fix-and-Flip Loans
Bridge Loans
Cross Collateral
Cash Out
AR Factoring
About Our Hard Money Loans Company

First Advantage Capital is a Colorado Springs-based hard money lender and investment company. We specialize in fast, creative funding solutions for real estate investors, homeowners, entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a private hard money lender and investment firm, we can offer fast, flexible programs tailored to individual needs and circumstances. We are not restricted by the typical red tape and coporate banking policies that often lead to a dead ends, closed doors and missed opportunities.

In short, we can say "YES" when banks say "NO."

In the mortgage and lending industry, short-term, asset-based financing is typically referred to as "hard money." In reality, hard money loans are the easiest form of financing to qualify for—we basically qualify the asset, not you. Hard money loans are really "easy money loans."

Private Lender Hard Money Loans

At First Advantage Capital, we have extensive experience with real estate investments and are sensitive to the needs of individual real estate investors. All lending decisions are made in-house and we can often make an approval and a funding offer on the day you apply.

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